Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Nail Gun Massacre (1985)

The importance of this film cannot be overstated. Nail Gun Massacre surpasses Hamlet as the most powerful and artfully composed revenge tale ever told. It firmly establishes itself as THE maximus ultio fabula.  

Nail Gun Massacre opens with a woman being mercilessly attacked by a group of construction workers. The ring leader adds a level of intimidation by wearing a terrifying hat during the assault...

The psychological attack of this hat is not easy to overcome

What ensues is a tale of a retribution that would cause William Shakespeare to turn so green with envy that people would start calling him "DB", for David Banner. It's a good thing this film didn't come out in his day as it would undoubtedly cause him to forever lay down his quill out of sheer discouragement. Thus, depriving the world of a vengeance tale exceeded by only one, Nail Gun Massacre!!

Much like Hamlet, the nail gunner stops at nothing to achieve their revenge

Side Note I: Rocky Patterson, who plays the town doctor, Doc, either studied under Strasberg or is a doctor in real life because the level of professionalism he brings to the role inspires awe and wonderment.

Side Note II: Discovering that Connie Speer wasn't nominated for Best Supporting Actress left me shaken and dismayed. There is no way Anjelica Huston's performance in Prizzi's Honor holds a candle to Speer as Trish, whose boyfriend Ben went into the woods two minutes and eight seconds ago.

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